Our Approach

We offer a bespoke recruitment service, managing end to end the recruitment process. We will tailor our service to fit your own needs.

Job Brief

We work with you to develop the job brief. Clients have commented on our ability to listen effectively to their needs and develop a winning job brief. We don’t hide the fact that we challenge our Clients robustly at this stage to establish the key performance objectives for the job holder, the leadership style of the hiring manager and the team/organisation dynamics. Investing time here has huge pay back in quality of Candidate and speed of process.

Experience has taught us not to rely on traditional job descriptions, which are often not fit for purpose. Instead we identify with you the key performance objectives for the job holder in the first 12 months.

If you wish to use our psychometric tool, we will benchmark the job and use this to assess shortlisted Candidates.

You will approve the job brief and then we get started and work on your assignment at pace. We agree assignment timescales with you to make sure we are all on the same page.

Candidate Search

How we organise the search depends on the job brief but it will include all or some of the following so we can tap into as wide a talent pool as possible, but still maintain focus on the job brief in hand.

When discussing the job brief, we will have discussed and identified potential sources for Candidates from your networks and ours. We follow up on these leads and have confidential discussions with potential Candidates.

We advertise on relevant job boards, utilise social media, professional networks and perform targeted mining of CV databases. Most recruiters, large or small, have access to the same tools. What matters however is how the information acquired is used. Our extensive recruitment experience helps us look in the best places and filter the results aligned to the job brief. We believe this gives us an edge in finding higher quality Candidates at pace.

Candidate Assessment

We have a proven system for assessing Candidates. It starts with our first contact with Candidates after receiving their details. Where possible, we use video interviews at an early stage. This helps quicken the pace and provides a great platform for Candidates to demonstrate their suitability for the job. Candidates can also gain invaluable insight into the role and the Company when Clients are also able to share their own video. Video is also a great way to deal with our current Covid restrictions.

All Candidates will have a structured interview with one of our experienced team members, before being submitted to the Client in a shortlist containing 2 or 3 Candidates.

At the Client’s request, we may also ask Candidates to complete a psychometric assessment, including personality profiling and aptitude tests.

Offer Process & Beyond

We manage the offer process for the Client with the selected Candidate until the terms of employment are finalised and agreed. Our aim is to remove stress from the recruitment process for both Client and Candidate and we do this through regular, timely and supportive communications. We want all parties to enjoy a quality experience. Where there is a successful Candidate there are also disappointed ones and we make sure that we communicate with ALL Candidates appropriately.

We don’t believe our role stops when a Candidate accepts a role. We contribute to the Client’s onboarding process and follow up with Candidates during their first year with the Client. A successful placement for us is when we hear that the performance objectives developed in the job brief are met or even better surpassed by the Candidate. Then we know we have found the right fit!

Clients are also able to tap into our wider HR experience around organisation design, performance management and personal development as we develop long term partnerships with them.

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